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Hey there …

Welcome to our little place of love,  where we get to do something pretty special, we are the narrators of stories, stories of ordinary people who fell in love in an extraordinary way and live happily ever after.

We love connecting, getting to know the fabulous you from day one, because after all, you are the heroine of the day.  To capture you looking stunningly breathtaking,  and snap some tear jerking, pretty unforgettable memories.

This place is where the magic happens, we meet amazing people just like you, who have stories to tell, beautiful, emotional and epic stories to tell.

Stories that should never be forgotten.

We are the hopeless romantics who sat in dark rooms and dreamt ourselves into romance movies, who’s souls jerked when the guy leaves, tears flooded our cheeks and throats choked up once it all ends at the ‘happy ever’ after.

Oh and not to forget the unapologetic cooing noises that burst from our chests throughout, pulling our hearts into senseless huffs and sniffs, emotions run deep but we are the hopeless romantics and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

(I know you’re smiling, it’s okay, us romantics must stick together)

But no matter how many movies you’ve watched, nothing compares to your own “EVER-AFTER” and making sure that you get to capture your own beautiful story, is why we are here.

We create films in the most moving, creative, emotional, cinematic and exciting ways so you can have your very own romance story to watch over and over again.

All the while making sure we all get to have a little fun along the way, letting you have a good experience is a high priority here for us.

We are everyday regular people,  who just so happen to do what we love with our lives and share it with you.  We adore helping people hold onto memories from one of the most important days of their lives, and we just so happen to do it through film and photography.  We capture your stories, add our little touch of skill and know how, then hand them back to you, to have and to hold and look back at for an entire lifetime.

At Ever-After Photography & Film we work closely with young vibrant couples to deliver a personal and bespoke service for those who are looking for something a little different.

Go ahead, have a browse round our place, we share it with all the friends (aka clients) we’ve partnered up with, and if we sound like your cuppa’ mocha, get in touch, the “mocha’s” will be on us and your “first meeting” stories are on you!

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